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What does WizForm cover in the business registration process?

Overview of services that WizForm covers
Written by Katharine Jiang
Updated 9 months ago

WizForm strives to provide 100% coverage on every service that a business needs to form a company. 

Services that WizForm Covers

  • LLC Formation (Domestic and Foreign)
  • C-Corporation Formation (Domestic and Foreign)
  • S-Corporation election by LLC 
  • Sole Proprietorship formation in certain states
  • Name Reservations
  • Obtaining certificate of existence/certificate of existence and certified copies.
  • Registering Fictitious Names
  • Filing Annual Reports and ongoing registration documents.
  • Operating Agreements/Bylaws
  • Acting as an Organizer/Incorporator to protect your privacy when registering. 

Services that are on WizForm's Roadmap for the Future

  • Paying taxes and registering for tax accounts (the exception is that we help with EIN registration with the IRS)
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Setting up business insurance
  • Setting up health insurance
  • Public benefit corporations
  • Professional LLCs and Professional Corporations
  • Non-Profits
  • Series LLCs
  • Out of Country registration
  • Online Notarization
  • Setting up unemployment insurance/worker's compensation
  • Applying for local/state licenses and permits. 
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