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Do I need to reserve a business name?

Overview of business name reservations for LLCs and Corporations
Written by Katharine Jiang
Updated 9 months ago

Reserving a business name allows founders to claim an available business name prior to registering the company. 

While many states recommend reserving a name, it's often an unnecessary process if you use a good name availability engine. The process is expensive and can be generally avoided.

Reserving names aren't a requirement in 95% of states and it's ultimately up to the preference of the founder if they want to reserve a name. 

Reserving a name is not the same as trademarking a name. When you reserve a name, you are reserving the right to be the only business in the state that uses that name. However, exclusive registration of a name with the State Government does not equal exclusive right to a name with trademark law. If someone else trademarked the name with the State/Federal Government but didn't register the name as a business name, they can still sue you. This is because trademarking grants someone intellectual property rights.
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