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What happens if I don’t file a newspaper notice?

Consequences for not filing newspaper notices for LLCs/Corporations
Written by Katharine Jiang
Updated 9 months ago

Several states require you to file a newspaper notice in order to register a LLC or a Corporation or a Fictitious name. Many users have reached out to us asking: "What happens if I don't file the newspaper notice?"
The answer depends on the state.
For LLCs in New York, you have to file a Certificate of Publication with proof of the newspaper notice to the New York Secretary of State office. This is filed within 120 days of registering the LLC. According to the New York Secretary of State website, New York can invalidate your LLC registration if they don't receive the Certificate of Publication. It's unclear how often this happens.
For Corporations in Pennsylvania, you have to pay a $500 penalty if you don't file a newspaper notice.
For Fictitious Names in Florida, you can be charged with a 2nd degree misdemeanor for not complying.
While Georgia requires Corporations to file newspaper notices, the state law is more lax on the consequences. According to 14-2-201.1., " Failure on the part of the incorporator to deliver the notice or payment therefor or failure on the part of the newspaper to publish the notice in compliance with this subsection shall not invalidate the incorporation of the corporation or the filing of the articles of incorporation."
For LLCs in Arizona, the State doesn't specify the penalty but it reserves the right to dissolve your LLC for not complying. 
For LLCs in Nebraska, the State doesn't specify the penalty. 
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