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Name Availability

WizForm Name Availability
Written by Katharine Jiang
Updated 8 months ago

When you go through WizForm's application, we ask for the preferred legal name of your company. We run that name through a name engine that checks different rules that each state government has. We also check the state government's database to see if the name has already been taken.

WizForm relies on automated name checks to reduce your overall costs (most other sites have a human manually look up your name after you pay, and then they will email you if it's not available). In some states, WizForm is restricted from checking the name database automatically due to restrictions that the government has on automated systems. In these states, WizForm makes its best effort to let you know if a name is available. 

How do you know if your name is unique enough? 

1. Can you get a website with just the name and .com? 

2. Are there a lot of other companies that pop up when you google the name? 

3. Do other companies pop up when you type it in on social media? 

If you want a certain name and you aren't sure if the name will be available, you can always register a unique legal name and then use your preferred name as a tradename/DBA. Many famous companies use tradenames (Zoom, Clubhouse, Apple). To do this, pick a unique name for your legal name and then select "tradename" in our additional services at the end of our application.

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